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Stock Monkey's favorite sites about trading, investing, the stock market and the forex market are listed in this mini-directory. If you are going to monkey around trading stocks, at least get help from an expert. - discuss Jim Cramer's Mad Money show
Stock discussion forum examines daily stock picks and analysis by Jim Cramer on his Mad Money TV show. Free membership, join today and learn which stocks are working. Booyah!

Mad Money with Jim Cramer" Latest Recap
Daily recap of Jim Cramer's Mad Money show lists all the picks alphabetically. Also included are stocks mentioned on RealMoney Radio and Stop Trading!

No strings attached - absolutely free. While supplies last!

Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter
Using his proprietary trading system, Thierry Martin identifies a stock that he believes will trade higher within the next few days. Free one-week trial.

The Rogue Trader - Free Weekly Newsletter
Weekly stock pick from a mysterious trader.

Martini Trading and Investing Directory
Comprehensive list of financial market websites. Multiple categories make it easy to find the financial information you are looking for with this easy to use and relevant directory. Newsletter - free information for traders and investors
Free twice-weekly newsletter with the latest offers for traders and investors. Keep up-to-date on the latest reports, software and services that will give you the winning edge in the market.

Top Ten Trading eBooks
The best "how to trade stocks" eBooks are listed here and updated every day. Learn about the most powerful and successful stock trading systems and the secret methods that professional traders use to beat the market. Download one of these popular ebooks to start using it immediately.
Leading financial websites contribute selected trading and investing information daily to this useful blog.

Trading System of the Week
Trading System of the Week profiles a stock trading system designed to "beat the market." every Monday. Discover the best and most interesting trading systems available today. Free weekly newsletter.


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